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Scaffolding UAE is the leading Steel Scaffolding Suppliers In Dubai UAE. We are a wholesaler in scaffolds and provide solutions for private and industrial purposes by offering services like Steel Scaffolding Rental, Scaffolding on Hire, Scaffolding Jacks, Cuplock System Supplier Dubai, Steel Scaffolding Ladder, Formwork Supplier etc. Our team is the best steel Scaffolding supplier and steel Scaffolding manufacturer. Our Scaffolding rental service is at an extremely affordable price. The scaffolding building materials used in the construction are of great quality providing safety assurance. Our services aren’t limited to just one place we have multiple offices- Steel scaffolding Sharjah, Formwork Supplier UAE, Scaffolding Dubai, Steel Scaffolding Abu Dhabi, Steel Scaffolding Al Ain, Steel Scaffolding Emirates, & Steel Ladder UAE.
We are an established firm in the field of manufacturing and supplying of Steel scaffolding materials. Our consistent performance and durability have made us the leading Steel Scaffolding Suppliers In Dubai UAE. Our wide range of services in different parts of the country and quality assurance has led us to be the best in the market. Our team is fully dedicated towards your requests and queries. We don’t let any disappointment come to your way through our services.

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Steel Scaffolding Suppliers Dubai UAE


Made from Mild Steel Width 250mm Depth 50mm Length 4 Mtrs Finshing : Painted / Galvanized

Steel Scaffolding Suppliers Dubai UAE


Forged Steel and the Specifications are as per BS-1139 Standard. For Pipe of 48.3mm.

Base Plate Steel Scaffolding Suppliers Dubai UAE


1mtr X 2mtr X 2.5mtr No requirement of spigot With 4 horizontal pipes and 2 diagonal pipes for opposite ends.

Want to know what are the products that we provide and manufacture?

We are the leading Steel Scaffolding Suppliers In Dubai UAE. Our wide range of services provide you with:

1. Steel Scaffoldings
2. Foldable Scaffoldings
3. Podium Scaffoldings
4. A Type Ladder
5. Folding Ladder

6. Single Pole Ladder
7. Stairway Scaffold
8. Single and Double Width Scaffolds
9. Warehouse Ladder
10. Advance Guardrail Scaffolds

11. Cuplocks
12. Coupler and Fittings
13. Decking
14. Formwork and Shuttering
15. Frames

16. Jacks
17. Kwickstage
18. Planks/Boards
19. Telescopic Props

All these products are widely used in construction and engineering industries.

Want to know the places we serve?

We have established the brand in the scaffolding market which has led to our widespread business all over the country. We have our branch in major cities of the country. Our whole firm is spread all over the major parts of the country leading to a better communicated and efficient approach towards the masses. Our company includes all the steel scaffolding products, ranging from telescopic pros to formwork shuttering. We serve it all. We are a pioneer in Steel Scaffolding and Formworks Manufacturers & Suppliers. We would be offering you the best and the most affordable steel products in the market. Our team is full of dedicated and excellent humans serving in maximum parts of the country. We have a whole lot of branches to reach out to the masses. Our branches are mainly located in the most residential parts of the country so that we can reach out to the maximum number of people through our services.

Our Branches are :-


Why We?

Being the leading Steel Scaffolding Suppliers In Dubai UAE, we give you multiple reasons to choose us as your steel scaffolding partner:

  • We believe in giving the most efficient, innovative and quality assured
    products and services.
  • Our scaffolds are developed by the best in business which assures our safety standards.
  • Through our affordable pricing, you’ll always be in profit.

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